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About Us 

Vision comes from the masses but is directed by a few. Facilitate a "crowd idea" and a
following is conceived. Be diligent with minor obstacles and play in the majors.

RanD Office helps you become that crowd hero!

We automate equipment, processes, people and performance-based resources. While production is our chief objective, operational efficiency is always the context. Whatever Office you make use of, our services define and implement a better use of it. Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Zoho Online, and Quickoffice (see a comparison). These are truly unique times - the cloud is potent, and set those embracing it apart from the rest. The cloud's key offering is integrating disparate systems and a new seamstress, RanD Office, is available.

​Do you have multiple clouds? Simplify access with ACE!
  • Creating organizational clouds.
  • Separating personal clouds.
  • Integrate standard or customized ACE apps.